Changing shape

The publication of the Bailey Report included a set of recommendations for transforming the organisational structure of the “West Somerset Railway”.

John Bailey recommends in his own words:

  • A West Somerset Railway members’ Charitable Trust with a clear public benefit purpose able to fundraise with the benefit of charitable status.
  • A financially sound subsidiary delivering a safe heritage railway nostalgic experience as a valued part of the local tourist economy.

It seems the main WSR organisations agree. They have stated in public they will seek ways of implementing the recommendations. See the blog for those statements.

However, it would seem the basic process of consultation and coordination may not be heading along the lines suggested by Bailey:

  • The optimum vehicle for communication of priorities already exists in the form of the Partnership Development Group. This cannot realistically be a decision-making body, but it provides a mechanism for consultation and co -ordination. Its primary role should be to monitor progress against PLC priorities and help dismantle any roadblocks. Its effectiveness and respect will require chairmanship of a very high order.

It seems odd that the Partnership Development Group does not appear to be taking any part, at present, in the transformation process.

With no coordination of communication, supporters are left with scraps of information issued ad hoc by the various bodies.

And so a blog like this might have a role to play in bringing those updates together in one place. It may be that the blog is replaced by a WSR family blog serving the same purpose.

The plan is to bring new information to the attention of supporters by way of introduction and links (or simple copy of information if it has not been published online). Links or copies of private or restricted information will not appear here.

At the present time, comments will be permitted on the blog; see the About page for commenting guidelines.

A simple poll appears on most pages. It may help give an indication of how folks feel about organisational change along the lines recommended by Bailey. Feel free to vote.

Finally for now, a reminder that this is not an official West Somerset Railway blog.